IT Consulting

  • IT Consult to provide advice on work systems and help push IT Audit for generic control.
  • IT Outsource, so we send IT team to on site at the customer sites.

We provide IT Consulting and IT Audit services.

  • Providing consultation on work systems and helping push IT Audit for internal auditing and IT generic control
  • Manage and create company policies (IT policies)
  • Advising to improve information system operations
  • Planning and consulting services for ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning)


We provide IT outsourcing services.

  • Provide software Developer / Programmer  at the customer's for software development or application design (UX / UI Designer).
  • Provide IT staff to work at the customer's site for support and services.
  • Provide service or support for resolving computer system problems, including networking, servers, computers, network equipment, printers, and various by the time or contract
  • Service and support for resolving IT system problems via Remote Access.